I saw this billboard recently. OBESITY IS A DISEASE NOT A LIFESTYLE. I would like a moment for rebuttal.

America still has a Hunger problem that cannot be ignored.  Please note the signs of starvation on this poor, young child as evidenced by the telltale swollen stomach usually only seen in starving kids in 3rd world countries.  

I'm sure he did not learn his eating habit's from his parents

I'm sure he did not learn his eating habit's from his parents

Ok, Ok maybe I have mistaken this early onset obesity with indicators of starvation since I’m not an expert.  I did come across this young kid while I was at Universal Studios in Orlando a while back.  As I walked into browse the Jimmy Buffet retail store here sat this kid right at the front door in quite the comfortable fashion.  It prompted me to ask him “How’s it going, my man” of which it was either too much effort for him to respond or he could not get the words out through his mouthful of chocolate chip cookies he was eating.  I believe he's underage and has been unlawfully employed by Jimmy Buffet to work as a greeter at his retail store.  I can see why Buffet would take this risk since he oozes that laid back Jimmy Buffet parrot head lifestyle he promotes.

Here’s a new guessing game. It’s call “What’s my future”.  Let me know what you think. 

a.      Will be taking over for Charles Barkley as the Weight Watchers spokesperson in 2020.

b.      Youngest Master Angler Champion and making millions through his Bass Pro Shop endorsements.

c.       Will hit hip-hop super-stardom and be featured on MTV cribs.  Of course, he then will be broke and/or in jail within 18 months of the shows airing.

d.      Will be named People Magazine’s sexiest man alive in 2022.

e.      Will land the lead role in the remake of “Bad Santa”

f.        Will be named a contestant from District 12 for the 2021 Hungry Games.  Not to be confused with the Hunger Games.

g.      Will die prematurely as a result of his food addictions but not before $5 million dollars of our hard earned tax dollars are used to keep him alive at all cost since he did not have health insurance.



Bob "Joke Too Much" Kinsloe

My name is Bob and I’ve been told I joke too much.  The naming of my website came from my trip to Nepal when after the first couple of days trekking to the Mt. Everest Base Camp our Sherpa Guide, Limbu, confided in my friend the following; “Bob is a nice guy but Bob Joke Too Much”.  Once he started to understand and/or tolerate my sarcasm (maybe 21 days in) we became good friends and supporters of his guide business.  So it all worked out but now my friend tends to remind me of that quote when I go too far with my satirical humor.